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 +The following commands are available with the JSON API:
 +Info about them can be figured out from the relevant code:
 +[[https://​​RTS2/​rts2/​blob/​master/​src/​httpd/​httpd.cpp|httpd.cpp]] and [[https://​​RTS2/​rts2/​blob/​master/​src/​httpd/​api.cpp|api.cpp]]
 +[[https://​​RTS2/​rts2/​blob/​master/​python/​rts2/​|]],​ this last one being the most informative
 +====== cmd ======
 +This can be used to send commands to the different devices in RTS2.
 +For example to observe the target 8 next:
 +    http://​observatoryserver/​apipath/​cmd?​d=EXEC&​c=next%208
 +note the URL code %20 is used to pass on the space between the command and the parameters.
 +====== devbytype ======
 +This will list the devices by type with the modifier being an interger t:
 +for example:
 +  http://​observatoryserver/​apipath/​devbytype?​t=2
 +will output mounts attached to this rts2 instance.
 +Where the differt device types are:
 +|7|PHOT|15|SENSOR| | |
 +|8|PLAN|20|EXECUTOR| | |
 +====== devices ======
 +This will list the devices connected to rts2
 +====== lastimage ======
 +This theoretically tells you which was the last image to be taken. Using the modifier '​ccd'​
 +However if this fails (claims not a single image has been taken) ​
 +Looking at the status of the camera device will often state the last_image as a value.
 +====== runscript ======
 +Will run script.
 +Example: runscript?​d=C0&​s=E%201 ​
 +(in this case the script has a space which is replaced with '​%20'​ to comply with http urls standards).
 +====== set ======
 +This will allow you to set values in rts2 devices. Modifiers are:
 +'​d':​ device, '​n':​ name, '​v':​ value, '​async':​ async
 +====== status ======
 +This will give the values of a specific module. Known modifier is: '​d':​ device
 +====== update_target ======
 +This can be used to change values in a target including its coordinates
 +    http://​observatoryserver/​apipath/​update_target?​id=15&​ra=34&​dec=-23
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