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 This procedure is implemented in order to not to close dome roof on RTS2 This procedure is implemented in order to not to close dome roof on RTS2
 restart. restart.
 +====== Solution ======
 +Following solution was implemented and runs successfully on all systems:
 +  - **weather state** each device have weather state. It can be either good or bad. This way any device may signal if weather is acceptable for observation or no.
 +  - **central server required device list** so central server know which devices must be presents in order to turn central weather to good. If some devices are missing, central weather state is set to off.
 +  - **list of failed devices** in central server, so user knows from monitor why central server is in bad weather state.
 +  - **mootd**, which allows to connect two or more central server, and signals to all central server off states. If at least one central server is in hard off, mootd signals bad weather on all connected central servers.
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