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 ====== Algorithms ====== ====== Algorithms ======
   * **[[code:​telescope_poiniting]]** telescope pointing and error correction   * **[[code:​telescope_poiniting]]** telescope pointing and error correction
 +  * **[[code:​queues]]** all about queues, queuing modes, ..
 ====== Code descriptions ====== ====== Code descriptions ======
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   * **[[code:​xmlrpc-php]]** how to use XML-RPC calls within PHP   * **[[code:​xmlrpc-php]]** how to use XML-RPC calls within PHP
   * **[[code:​telescope_driver]]** how to write telescope driver   * **[[code:​telescope_driver]]** how to write telescope driver
 +  * **[[code:​camera_driver]]** how to write camera driver
   * **[[code:​new_target_type]]** how to add new target type   * **[[code:​new_target_type]]** how to add new target type
   * **[[code:​ga_scheduling]]** notes on GA scheduling organization   * **[[code:​ga_scheduling]]** notes on GA scheduling organization
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