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 +====== How to use the XML-RPC interface within PHP ======
 +It should be relatively straight forward. Just:
 +<code bash>
 +svn co https://​​svnroot/​rts-2/​trunk/​rts2phplib rts2phplib
 +You most probably will need [[http://​​|PHP XML-RPC library]]. Debian package is called php5-xmlrpc.
 +Then you can see either example included in [[http://​​viewvc/​rts-2/​trunk/​rts2phplib/​rts2.php?​view=markup|rts2phplib/​rts2.php]],​ or use code provided bellow to start with the library:
 +<code php>
 + // make sure that file rts2phplib/​ exists in your PHP script directory
 + ​include('​rts2phplib/​'​);​
 + // create rc - rts2 client - object
 + $rc = new rts2xmlrpc('​localhost',​ 8889);
 + // print some values..
 + print '<​hr/>​Value of T0.OBJ:'​ . $rc->​valueOf('​T0',​ '​OBJ'​) . '<​br/>';​
 + print 'Value of T0.infotime:'​ . $rc->​valueOf('​T0',​ '​infotime'​) . '<​br/>';​
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