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jtello updated svn url. Although using this I couldn't get past an xmlrpclib fault of "Invalid login or password", there may version incompatibility.
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 +====== RTS2 GUI ======
 +There is prototype implementation of GUI, however I do not have time to finish it. It is in [[http://​|PyGTK]],​ uses [[http://​|XML-RPC]] to communicate with RTS2. XML-RPC interface is described [[code:​xmlrpc|here]]. Code is at SVN [[http://​​viewsvn/​rts-2/​trunk/​pyrts2]],​ to get it and run it execute:
 +<code bash>
 +user@host:​~$ svn co https://​​p/​rts-2/​code/​trunk/​pyrts2
 +user@host:​~$ cd pyrts2
 +user@host:​~/​pyrts2$ ./
 +You will need python-gtk2 installed:
 +<code bash>
 +user@host:​~$ sudo apt-get install python-gtk2
 +And you need to have rts2-xmlrpcd running. Currently, GUI support scheduling and have a tool to display schedule. There is a screen shot:
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