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-===== When is selector called to select next target? ===== 
-Selector (//​rts2-selector//​) is process responsible for selecting new observational targets. It sends targets IDs using **next** command. You can imitate selector behaviour by running //​rts2-mon//,​ selecting **EXEC** component and typing: //next 1000// to select target with id 1000. The selection is executed on the following occasions: 
-  * When observatory is switched to ON state, so the //​executor//​ knows what to observe 
-  * during last exposure on last exposing camera in script, so the //​executor//​ is keep updated what to observe as the next target 
-  * every //​idle_select//​ seconds, so new targets are selected even if some long script is running. The value of //​idle_select//​ defaults to 300 seconds (=5 minutes). It can be changed by providing //​--idle-select//​ parameter to //​rts2-selector//​ (most probably in //​etc/​rts2/​services//​ file). 
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