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-===== How to add and schedule a new target? ===== 
-There is a [[howto:​mpec|MPEC howto]]. Entering target is very similar, just instead of MPEC one-line you put in target name (resolvable by SIMBAD): 
- <​code>​rts2-newtarget 5004 M74 01:​37:​14+15:​50:​14</​code>​ 
-===== Which images consider rts2-imgproc as good and which as bad? ===== 
-//​rts2-imgproc//​ actually have three output scenarios for the images: 
-  - **bad**, when imgproc is unable to read the image. This means that the image FITS header is screwed or that something else failed. Then this image is moved to //bad// directory in directory from which the image was taken 
-  - **trash**, when image processing routine do not output string with astrometry informations to standard output. 
-  - **good**, when image processing routine (defined in ///​etc/​rts2/​rts2.ini//​ file) output string in format 
-%li %lf %lf (%lf,%lf) 
-for the scanf. The format is defined in //​src/​plan/​connimgprocess.cpp//​. First is image ID - and integer. Second and third are RA and DEC of image centre expressed in degrees (RA 0..360.0, DEC -90..90). In brackets are errors in RA and DEC, in **arcminutes**. Assuming your image centre is at RA DEC 12:00:00 05:00:00 and the telescope pointed to 12:01:00 05:01:00, the output string should be: 
-1 180.0 5.0 (.2499999990 .0166666666) 
-===== When is selector called to select next target? ===== 
-Selector (//​rts2-selector//​) is process responsible for selecting new observational targets. It sends targets IDs using **next** command. You can imitate selector behavior by running //​rts2-mon//,​ selecting **EXEC** component and typing: //next 1000// to select target with id 1000. The selection is executed on the following occasions: 
-  * When observatory is switched to ON state, so the //​executor//​ knows what to observe 
-  * during last exposure on last exposing camera in script, so the //​executor//​ is keep updated what to observe as the next target 
-  * every //​idle_select//​ seconds, so new targets are selected even if some long script is running. The value of //​idle_select//​ defaults to 300 seconds (=5 minutes). It can be changed by providing //​--idle-select//​ parameter to //​rts2-selector//​ (most probably in //​etc/​rts2/​services//​ file). 
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