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What blocks the dome

Warning: this is obsolete, as this will be replaced by RTS2 component to drive dome.

On dcm2 (ssh dcm2.mayora…) there are two files, which block the dome:

- /home/standa/dcm/dcm.block - /home/standa/dcm/mrakomer.credo

While the first serves only for manual blocking (echo “1” > /home/standa/dcm/dcm.block to keep the dome closed), the other serves only for expression of what the cloudmeter thinks about the weather (credo thereafter). The latter file keeps updated regularly (every 10s), and has analogous logic to the dcm.block, i.e. 0=free to open, 1=close.

Cloudmeter, Mrakomer, measures two numbers - temperature of the device Td and the effective temperature of the sky Ts. It computes the decision as follows: X = Ts - 0.6 * Td; The resultant value must be less than certain value, to allow opening of the dome. Unluckily, this number mysteriously changes with time, so that it has to be adjusted. (in the source, /home/mates/mk/mrakomer.c)

The log of Cloudmeter measurements including most relevant numbers is /var/log/mrakomer.log.

It seems to me (mates) that some dust and/or aging of the device is present.

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