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Bootes 3 (New Zealand)


Provided by NZ Dell, payed by NZ, finall payment due to Spanish side

  • 2 rackable units (1 telescope + dome, 1 all sky)
    • 2 x 1 TB HDD
    • Quatro core Intel CPU
    • 4 GB of RAM
    • PCI extension board
    • about 2k EUR per unit
  • 2 deep (80cm) rack DELL 24U unit (shall fit inside)
  • 1 UPS
  • Linux Debian-based distribution (preference will most probably shift towards Ubuntu) No purchase needed
  • 1 screen, 1 keyboard, 1 mouse for installation

Computer setup

Could be done after BOOTES Team comes on site but could be easily done before, to allow for a remote setup - sparing more time for the unexpected. I guess Ubuntu server edition could be done easily in the PC shop.

  • install Linux (the PC shop in NZ)
  • install RTS2 (petr, remotely?)
  • test it (on site)

This, however, depends on the availability of internet connection on site prior to arrival of BOOTES Team.


Provided by Telecom, New Zealand (aka Xtra).

Router / switch, so that we can connect all together (do we want EVERYTHING connected to Internet?) The archive PC could serve as a router/firewall to the Internet, 10/100/1000Mbit/wireless router would be handy to provide a good connection of all components together with notebooks of operators when on site.

Dome installation, weather station

Petr, Florentino

  • Davis weather sensor (windspeed, etc), it is known to work with RTS2 and
  • Zelio based roof control with a direct rain detector connection
  • Eigenbrodt rain detector directly connected to Zelio.

UPS provided by New Zealand? Must be able to support emergency roof closing (power failure). We have same good experiences from Watcher with MGE UPS Systems UPS ( I suggest to call them and ask for solution - 3 PC backup, preferably rack mounted, and let us see what they suggest.

We bought this for roof - 1900W, 2200VA, shall be enough. We need at least 450W for a single server, but we need to check specs before we will buy UPS for it. So it is recommended to first buy server, then UPS, or buy 1200W UPS for two servers.

GPS should be a part of telescope delivery and if yes, we can use it for timing. But we need to check that (Alberto?).

Astrometry, image processing

Antonio, Petr (Martin remotely)

  • First astrometry
  • Pointing model


Vintage Lane Observatory

long 173 50 21 E, lat -41 29 36 S

Rosemary and Bill Allen, 83 Vintage Lane, RD 3, Blenheim.

phone 03 572 9275


Petr (+34 661 107 995, +420 737 500 268)

8th Feb → 10th Feb Sydney

  • Paris Gare Nord 09:43 London St. Pancras 11:19 Eurostar 9019
  • London 22:05 Singapore 18:45 SQ 321
  • Singapore 21:10 Brisbane 06:50 (10th) SQ 235
  • Brisbane 11:00 Sydney 13:30 DJ 272

12th Feb → 13th Feb Christchurch

  • Sydney 19:45 Christchurch 00:50 DJ 74
  • driving to Blenheim on 13th

4th Mar Brisbane

  • Christchurch 16:00 Brisbane 16:50 DJ 83

7th Mar → 8th Mar Brisbane London

  • Brisbane 14:45 Sinagpore 20:30 SQ 236
  • Singapore 23:45 Brisbane 05:45 SQ 322

13th Feb start working, 4th Mar leaving

Florentino: 8th Feb → 10th Feb Blenheim

  • Madrid 17:30 London 19:00
  • London 21:45 Sydney 6:25 10th February
  • Sydney 7:25 Auckland 12:35
  • Auckland 14:40 Blenheim 16:00

Antonio: 8th Feb to Auckland, 15th Feb on site arrival, leaving 5th Mar

Astelco: 21th Feb arrival of two, for a week

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