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 +I'm unaware if this is the correct method and it is only allowed for those who have writing permission in the psql database. --- //​[[|Juan Carlos Tello]] 2014/03/07 11:34//
 +If you have a target that you want to change the coordinates (either because the first ones was erroneous or because it is an object like a satellite that requires constant changing and you don't know how to give it the orbital parameters for automatic tracking), then you can access the psql database directly.
 +    $ sudo psql stars
 +    stars=# UPDATE targets
 +     SET tar_ra = 157.246241, ​ tar_dec = 15.760332
 +     WHERE tar_id = 1205;
 +    ​
 +(of course changing the coordinates and target_id as necessary).
 +However it is much easier to do it using JSON using the update_target command:
 +     ​http://​serveraddress/​jsonapipath/​update_target?​id=12345&​ra=124.43&​dec=-23.5
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