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Disable selector

Selector is component responsible for selecting next targets. You can check if it is running by executing ps -A|grep selector. If the reply is not empty, e.g. you will receive:

<xterm2> user@host:~$ ps -A|grep selector 19126 pts/7 00:00:00 rts2-selector user@host:~$ </xterm2>

then selector is running. If you would like to work directly with the executor, you shall proceed with following instructions to disable it.

  1. run rts2-mon
  2. press key down/key up until you reach SEL component. Please note that SEL is usual name. If you are unsure about selector name, please consult /etc/rts2/services or ps -Af|grep selector)
  3. press tab key (tabulator, usually located on upper left corner of your keyboard) to switch to the adjacent area on the right
  4. press key down to reach sel_enable entry
  5. press enter key to bring up a popup menu
  6. press key down to change true to false
  7. press enter

You can see screencast of this action in this screencast.


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