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Selecting and manipulating targets

You can list targets using rts2-targetlist command. In first column is target ID - number which you will need. With target ID, you can get information about target using rts2-targetinfo command. You can also set observation script - please see man rts2.script for details about how a script might look (with examples on bottom of manual page - use page up/down, end key or G to go to bottom of manual page). Usual command that you will use is rts2-target -c C0 -s 'E 10 E 10' 1027, where C0 is camera name, E 10 E 10 is script consisting of two 10 seconds exposures, and 1027 is target ID. Please see screencast bellow for details.

Working with executor

Executor is component which carries observations. It might be aided with selector - component to autonomously select next observations. Before you start this exercise, please make sure that selector is disabled.

After you successfully disabled selector, you can proceed to work with executor. Run rts2-mon. Move with keys down to EXEC entry. You will see executors entries. Current is for current target, next is for target which will be observed after current one, and queue is for target queue.

You can execute target in three ways:

  1. with now command, switch immediately to the specified target
  2. with next command, schedule target for execution as next target
  3. with queue command, add target to the end of queue

Each of this command is followed by target ID (which you can get using rts2-targetlist, verify with rts2-targetinfo and set script for it with rts2-target). Following screencast shows how to:

  • list targets
  • change observation script
  • confirm that observation script was changed
  • run rts2-mon
  • disable selector
  • switch to EXECutor component
  • set target using now - target with ID
  • check observation progress
  • enter targets to queue using queue command
  • check behaviour of camera (note changing EXPOSING and exposure_end times), telescope and filter wheel

Except for the keys typed, you use just keys up/down, tabulator (to switch between panels in rts2-mon) and enter key to execute command (after you type it).

There is screencast - link on YouTube includes annotations, so please watch it on YouTube.


Observation logic

Following rules applies to scripts, executors etc:

  1. if the next target is not filled in, or next target is filled with same ID as current one, and current target is continuoes - that is it can be repeated without change of position (non-continues targets are for example minor planets observations, where executor command movement of telescope to updated location after exposure is finished), script keep repeating. It does so even if you have multiple detectors in the system - and it repeats on each detector independently
  2. if next target is filled in, telescope movement started as soon as detector is reading image (in case of multiple detectors in the system, as soon as all detectors either finished observing script or are reading out the last image)
  3. top target from queue is displayed as next
  4. if you specify target using next command, you reset (clear) queue
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