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Running executor and selector for observations

Following paragraphs provides informations on how to setup your first night run. You can use dummy devices as well as real devices for this purpose. As you might not have real devices, the following description will provide instructions for dummy devices.

Setting it up

You need to setup configuration file, database, devices and services entry. First, create directory under /etc to store RTS2 informations. You need to be root (or run commands under sudo) to be able to perform following:

host:~# [rts2_source_dir]/rts2-initpetr@epsilon:~/rts2$ ./rts2-init
Creating and populating /etc/rts2
„rts2.ini“ ->/etc/rts2/rts2.ini“
„services“ ->/etc/rts2/services“
„devices“ ->/etc/rts2/devices“
„centrald“ ->/etc/rts2/centrald“
Copying startup script
„rts2.initd“ ->/etc/init.d/rts2“
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