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How to run observation manually

This text describes how to get rid of selector and present to system own ideas about target which shall be selected.

  1. run rts2-mon
  2. Change to SEL entry (selector) using keys up/ keys down
  3. Press tab to move to selector
  4. Key down to move highlighted row to selector_enabled
  5. Enter, select false, enter to confirm
  6. Tab key twice to move back to device list
  7. Keys up/down to move to EXEC - executor component
  8. Then you can:
    • Queue next target using next <target_id> command, so if you would like to queue target 1001, write next 1001 and hit enter. You will see next target in executor
    • Schedule quick observation by issuing now <target_id> command.
  9. After you finish with manual run, do not forget to switch system back to autonomous mode.
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