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 ====== How to run observation manually ====== ====== How to run observation manually ======
-This text describes how to get rid of selector and present ​to system own ideas about target ​which shall be selected.+This text describes how to disable the selector and to manually control ​which target is to be observed.
   - run **rts2-mon**   - run **rts2-mon**
-  - Change to //SEL// entry (selector) ​using keys up/ keys down +  - Choose the //SEL// entry (selector) ​in the left-hand pane (Up/Down keys) 
-  - Press tab to move to selector +  - Switch ​to the right-hand pane (Tab to switch panes) 
-  - Key down to move highlighted row to //​selector_enabled//​ +  - Select the //​selector_enabled// ​entry (Up/Down keys) 
-  - Enter, select ​**false**, ​enter to confirm +  - Choose ​**false** ​from the options (Enter to show optionsUp/Down to select, Enter to confirm) 
-  - Tab key twice to move back to device list +  - Return ​to the device list (Tab key, twice) 
-  - Keys up/down to move to //EXEC// - executor component +  - Choose the //EXEC// - executor component 
-  - Then you can+  - Now it is possible to either
-    * Queue next target using //next <​target_id>//​ command, ​so if you would like to queue target 1001, write //next 1001// and hit enter. ​You will see next target ​in executor +    * Queue the next target using //next <​target_id>//​ command, ​e.g to queue target 1001, write //next 1001// and hit enter. ​The relevant field in the right-hand pane should change to reflect this. 
-    * Schedule ​quick observation by issuing ​//now <​target_id>// ​command+    * Schedule ​an immediate ​observation by writing ​//now <​target_id>//​. 
-  - After you finish with manual ​run, do not forget to switch system back to autonomous mode.+  - At the end of manual ​observation, do not forget to switch ​the system back to autonomous mode.
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