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Sidereal tech mounts

Sidereal manufactures two distinct controllers - Sidereal I and II, and Force One. Both share the same protocol, described on Sidereal pages.

Force one are strictly ACS - all commands need to be send with checksum. Some older I and II controllers does not support checksum at all, and need to be run in ASCII only mode.

Driver setup

rts2-teld-sitech-gem is a generic German equitorial mount. You will need .ini file with default values to make it work correctly.

There is sample .ini for APM GEMs. You need to save this into file and add it as –defaults to rts2-teld-sitech-gem:

_ha_zero = 230 _dec_zero = -160 _ha_cpd = 186413.511111 _dec_cpd = -186413.511111 _ac_min = -200000000 _ac_max = 200000000 _dc_min = -200000000 _dc_max = 200000000 _ra_ticks = 67108864 _dec_ticks = 67108864

ra_speed = 12 dec_speed = 12

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