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Compiling linux-gpib support

After you upgraded kernel on machine with GPIB interfaces supported by linux-gpib, you will need to upgrade linux-gpib modules.

<xterm2> user@host:cd linux-gpib user@host:~/linux-gpib$ ./configure checking for a BSD-compatible install… /usr/bin/install -c …. config.status: executing depfiles commands config.status: executing libtool commands user@host:~/linux-gpib$ make make all-recursive make[1]: Entering directory `…../linux-gpib' …. user@host:~/linux-gpib$ sudo make install # or some other way how to become root Making install in include ….

make[1]: Leaving directory `……/linux-gpib' user@host:~/linux-gpib$ </xterm2>

Then you will need to install kernel module, using modprobe tool. To install ni_usb_gpib module for NI USB interface, do:

<xterm2> user@host:~/linux-gpib$ sudo modprobe ni_usb_gpib # or again some other way how to run this command as root user@host:~/linux-gpib$ dmesg | tail ….. [xxxx] ni_usb_dump_raw_block: [xxxx] 40 1 0 1 30 1 2 4 [xxxx] 0 0 3 </xterm2>

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