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Hardware supported by RTS2

This is list of devices supported by RTS2. Support is intended primary for Linux. Please contact us for details of device support.



  • Full range of the SBIG parallel and USB port cameras<
  • All Starlight Linux minidriver based cameras (Starlight XPress, FLIcam, cookbook..)
  • Apogee cameras, including ALTA family (most probably only with patched drivers - instructions are provided)
  • FLI cameras supported with libfli
  • Andor CCDs
  • custom CCDs controlled with EDT board
  • CAHA-MPIA?? range of CCDs
  • ARC / Leach controlled CCDs (version 1.7 and 2.0 of the API)
  • MI CCD Moravian Instruments CCDs
  • some Webcams with V4L driver
  • STA/Reflex controlled CCDs
  • CCD3 controller (closed source, available through ProjectSoft)
  • GigE cameras (closed source, available through ProjectSoft)


Filter wheels

  • EPICS controlled filter wheels
  • Integrated SBIG filter wheels
  • Optec filter wheels
  • FLI filter wheels
  • MI integrated filter wheels
  • Apogee filter wheels
  • FW 102C ThorLabs filter wheel

Field rotators


  • Optec SP5 with special ISA card (own kernel driver for 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels
  • Optec SP4/SP5 serial port based photomultiplier


  • Own mirror design (ask Petr Kubanek for details)
  • Pi4 mirror (Bootes IR)

Dome controllers

Cupola controllers

Meteo stations

  • All meteo stations supported with Meteo package (Davis Vantage,..)
  • All meteo stations which can transmit to RTS2 UDP packets (as does one at the Pierre-Auger site)
  • Comedi supported data acquisition boards

Cloud and rain sensors


  • All UPS supported by NUT
  • All UPS supported by APC UPSD (but if you can, avoid it and use NUT)

Sensors, special devices

  • Cryocoon cryogenic controller
  • Keithley (pico)ampermeters (various models)
  • Phytron stepper motors
  • Aerotech arm (A3200)
  • MS257 monochromator
  • MS260 monochromator (and probably other Newport / Oriel models)
  • DS21 stepper motor
  • Newport light source
  • Brooks 356 Micro-Ion® Plus Modules pressure sensor
  • Lakeshore cryogenic controller (325, 330, 340)
  • TRIAX Series (Jobin Yvon/Horiba) monochromator
  • Newport MM2500 stepper controller
  • Rotronic MOK-WIN/ HygroWin humidity and temperature sensor
  • ThorLabs laser source
  • NI Motion based PCI stepper motor controllers (NI 7332 with MID-7604 is tested)
  • HP Agilent E3631A tripower supply
  • Zolix OmniLambda 150
  • ThorLabs PM100D photodiode
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