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Following namespaces are proposed for new Wiki. Each section shall provide default start page, which will contain links to all documents in this section.

  • code: for description of the code structure (howto write a driver, how to modify scheduler,..)
  • dev: for development
  • dev:ideas: for development ideas
  • doc: for documentation
  • doc:tools for tools documentation
  • faq: for questions (and answers)
  • howto: for HOWTO documentation (how to install RTS2, how to run it,…)
  • img: for image processing techniques
  • obj: for objects observed by telescopes (can be made password protected)
  • obj:grb: for GRBs
  • obj:too: for Target of Opportunity
  • obs: for observation description
  • obs:bootes for Bootes network pages (do we indeed need a special group for BOOTES? It's going to be 6 pages only. -m.)
  • tech: for technology (embedded PCs, CCDs experiences,..)
  • tech:ccd: for CCDs
  • tech:dome: for domes
  • tech:mount: for mounts
  • tech:pc: for PC used
  • workshop: for RTS2 related workshops

Following pages will be in root namespace, but can be added to sections as well:

  • start default start page. Start page of the RTS2 wiki will become starting page of all site
  • news recent changes in section
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