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Current RTS2 sites


Name Location Mirror diameter mag. limit* Resolution Detector FOV Filters status
Argentina, South America
FRAM Pierre-Auger Observatory 0.30m R~17.5 1024×1024 MI G2-1600 15' UBVRIN operational
0.10m (WF) R~14 1536×1024 MI G2-1600 3,2° uBVRI clear operational
Chile, South America
CHASE CTIO 0.5m ?? 2048×2048 FLI Proline ?? UBVrigZ clear commisioning
Danish 1.5m ESO La Silla 1.5m ?? ?? DAFOS? ?? ? refurbishment project led by ProjectSoft
China, Asia
Bootes 4 YNAO 0.6m ?? 1024×1024 Andor iXon 9' rigZY clear operational
Czech Republic, Europe
BART ASU AV ČR, near Prague 0.25m R~17.5 1024×1024 FLI CM-2 30' UBVRI clear operational
0.10m (WF) W<16.2 3072×2048 FLI IMG-6303E 2,6° R? operational
D50 on-line ASU AV ČR, near Prague 0.50m R<19.0 1024×1024 FLI IMG-4710 15' UBVRI clear operational
0.10m (WF) W<16.2 1536×1024 FLI CM-8 80' R? operational
SORT ASU AV ČR 0.3m ?? 3x?? SBIGs ?? ?? solar telescope, CCD control only, project led by ProjectSoft
65cm ASU AV ČR, near Prague 0.65m R<21.0 1024×1024 MI CCD G2/G3 15' UBVRI tests only
India, Asia
PRL/ATVS Gurushikhar, Mount Abu, India 0.5m R~19 1024×1024 Andor iXon 13.3' UBVRI,clear,polaroid wheel,.. operational/commissioning
Italy, Europe
OAVDA/APACHE Saint Barthelmy, near Aosta/Mont Blanc multiple R ~ 18 multiple multiple x multiple operational
Mexico, North America
RATIR RATIR 4-channel detector 1.5m UNAM/San Pedro Martir R ~ 24? multiple multiple (IR + optical) x multiple commisioning
New Zealand, Oceania
Bootes 3 Vintage lane observatory 0.6m ?? 1024×1024 Andor iXon 9' rigZY clear operational
South Africa, Africa
Watcher near Bloemfontein, central RSA 0.40m R~18.0 1024×1024 Apogee AP-6E 30' UBVRI clear operational
Spain, Europe
Bootes 1A CEDEA, province of Huelva, Spain 0.14 m (WF) W~17.0 4096×4096 Apogee AP-16E R? operational
Bootes 1B CEDEA, province of Huelva, Spain 0.30 m W~18.0 512×512 Andor iXon 897 16' UBVRI clear operational
Bootes 2 on-line EELM, province of Malaga, Spain 0.60m R~19.5 1024×1024 Andor iXon+ 888 9' UBVRI clear? telescope failure
Bootes IR OSN, Granada province, Spain 0.60m R~19 1024×1024 BIRCAM/Hawaii 15' ? dome failure
STsI & JHU site, Canarias ??? n x ~10cm ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ secret project
1.23m @ CAHA CAHA, province of Almeria, Spain 1.23m R~20.5 2048×2048 ? ? ? observing
Slovakia, Europe
Trencín Trencin 0.20 m ?? ?? probably SBIG ? R? operational, only telescope driver
Hlohovec SAV Hlohovec 0.60 m ?? ??? probably SBIG/MI ? R? operational
Somewhere ???? 0.60 m ?? ?? SBIG/MI CCD ? R? secret project
Switzerland, Europe
Observatory Vermes Vermes, 47:19:55 W 352:30:50 0.18m V<15.1mag 4096×4096 FLI PL16803 1.6° UBVRI clear operational
MI?, USA, North America
BORAT University observatory 0.4m? R~19 ? ? ? Various secret project
AZ, USA, North America
FLWO Whipple (Mt. Hopkins) Observatory 1.2m R~21 2048×2048 KeplerCam 30' Various scheduling only
NY, USA, North America
University of Columbia New York ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ secret project
UT, USA, North America
STsI & JHU ??? n x ~10cm ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ secret project
Willard L. Eccles Observatory ??? ??? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ seeing monitor

* magnitude limit is set for a 60s exposure under moonless night in zenith. In bold are the values actually measured, otherwise these are estimates. W stands for White, for unfiltered CCD.

All sky cameras

Name Location CCD size status
China, Asia
Bootes 4 Yunan province, China Apogee 4k x 4k operational
Spain, Europe
Bootes 1 Huelva province, Spain Apogee 4k x 4k operational
Bootes 2 Malaga province, Spain Apogee 4k x 4k operational
New Zealand, Australia and Oceania
Bootes 3 near Blenheim, north of the southern island Apogee 4k x 4k being built


What Where
USA, North America
LSST testing lab BNL, Upton, Long Island, NY
LSST testing lab Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
France, Europe
LSST testing lab LPNHE, Universite de Denis Diderot, Paris
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