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Check list for upgrade June 2009

UCD items

  • Andor CCD
  • power supply for Andor cooling (7V DC)
  • cable for Andor (7-8m)
  • Andor PCI card
  • Adapter Andor-Filterwheel
  • Screws to hold Andor at the adapter (M5 with head to fit into adapter)
  • shutter in Andor or blank filter for dark frames
  • filter wheel?
  • filter wheel control box (if it will not arrive to Boyden directly)?

Did you think about rain protector for Andor? We have one at New Zealand in case everything else fails..we can invent something on-site.

PK items

  • Zelio network interface
  • Ubuntu installation CD
  • IRAF binaries for Ubuntu installation
  • spare Andor cable

UOVS (Boyden) items

  • Zelio PLC, power source and USB cable

June 2009 upgrade timeline

  • May 31st Computer upgrade (Petr)
  • June 1st Telescope dismount, Andor cable installation, cable check
  • June 2nd Telescope mounted, Andor tested, operating at evening
  • June 3rd Zelio assembly (PK), Andor pipeline (UCD)
  • June 4th Zelio installed, roof tests

So hopefully from 2nd we will be observing again, from ~5th June we will be able to run full night tests to confirm system stability. There is a lot of contingency, but we most probably will need at least some of it. By ~ 10th we shall have new pointing model and other tests performed, and having observatory running for full autonomous runs.

  • June 15th Petr departure
  • June 17th UCD departure

Local (and other) contacts

  • Petr Kubanek cells +420 737 500 268, +34 661 107 995
  • Alejandro Ferrero +353 879031325
  • Riccardo Felletti +353 872350208
  • Hanness Calitz cell +27 84 59 2222, +27514417881,+27 51 4417605
  • Pieter Meintjes +27 51 4012191


  • 30th May - 5th June Glen Country Lodge. About 12km from Boyden. Gravel road past the lions.
  • 5th June - 17th June TuffTop B&B. About 10km, tarr road.
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