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WWW access

You will need to obtain login and password before accessing links bellow.

Bootes 1

Bootes 2

Bootes 3


Bootes 2


if you do not have an account, ask Petr or Martin for one.

Use rts2-targetlist to list all available targets. You can use -N option to get raw print.

Use rts2-targetinfo -i to locate images of the target.

Data are in /images/<epoch>/archive and /images<epoch>/trash.

After you locate your images, use scp to download them.


user@host:$ ssh
outside@boyden:$ ssh watcher1

Ask for passwords (+34 661 107 995, +420 737 500 268 if in hurry).

Then images are currently under /images/005/<target>/archive and trash - see above.

If you will need to copy them out:

user@watcher1:/images/005/...$ scp <filename> outside@boyden:/tmp

and then from your computer:

user@host:$ scp<filename> .

You can use * as wildcard in scp.

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