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SOCIS 2011 proposed tasks

SOCIS is an initiative of ESA to promote open-source software among students. We would like to apply as “moderator organization” with the following topics:

Satellite orbits for LibNova, other LibNova improvements

LibNova is a general purpose celestial mechanics library. It can pretty precisely calculate planets orbits, but it lacks orbit calculation for satellite on Earth orbits. This task can include other LIbNova improvements - compilation on new platforms, fixed tests, ..

RTS2 satellite tracking

Based on successful availability of satellite parameters calculation, we would like to add to RTS2 ability to perform satellite observations, including its scheduling (in queues), updates of satellite trajectory in telescope driver, etc..

Should include GUI which will show satellite tracks (“GUI” can be embedded into other project, e.g. Stellarium.

Autonomous satellite track detection

The aim is to develop or adopt code into RTS2 to detect streak (lines) from either satellites or planes, identify them, possibly match them with know satellites and present to human observer for verification events (tracks) of unknown origin. This task should be based on previous work for meteorite detection, further exploring Hough transforms and similar techniques.

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