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-think aboutconsiderconsiderimaginevisualizethink ofseeconsiderdevelop me when ibecause of the very factsince i have adore you+====== RTS2 ======
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 ===== Download ===== ===== Download =====
-The latest release of RTS2, which will include scheduler and the new directory structure, dropped dark and flat frame support, and probably more can be SVN checked-out from [[​rts-2/​trunk/​rts-2/]] or viewed via [[https://​​viewvc/​rts-2/​trunk/​rts-2/​]]+The latest release of RTS2, which will include scheduler and the new directory structure, dropped dark and flat frame support, and probably more can be SVN checked-out from [[​trunk/​rts-2]] or viewed via [[https://​​viewvc/​rts-2/​trunk/​rts-2/​]]
 ===== Screencasts ===== ===== Screencasts =====
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   * [[howto:​astrometry|setting up image parameters]]   * [[howto:​astrometry|setting up image parameters]]
   * [[howto:​mpec|preparing and executing minor planet observations]]   * [[howto:​mpec|preparing and executing minor planet observations]]
 +  * [[howto:​sats|executing satellite observations]]
   * Retrieve images   * Retrieve images
   * [[howto:​Preview FITS images with rts2-xmlrpcd]]   * [[howto:​Preview FITS images with rts2-xmlrpcd]]
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   * [[howto:Set symlinks for USB serial ports]]   * [[howto:Set symlinks for USB serial ports]]
   * [[howto:​Change variables from a terminal session]]   * [[howto:​Change variables from a terminal session]]
 +  * [[Troubleshooting]]
 +  * [[howto:​Change a target'​s coordinates]]
 +  * [[howto:​Setup RTS2 for Sidereal tech mounts]]
 +  * [[howto:Set up a pointing model for OpenTPL mounts]]
 ===== Device support ===== ===== Device support =====
   * [[hw:​start|List of supported devices]]   * [[hw:​start|List of supported devices]]
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   * [[code:​start|Code description,​ development documentation]]   * [[code:​start|Code description,​ development documentation]]
   * [[code:​client|Python client]] using JSON binding   * [[code:​client|Python client]] using JSON binding
 +  * [[code:​JSON|JSON commands]]
 ===== Expected code changes ===== ===== Expected code changes =====
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