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failed devices: MOODD

Possible reason: One of the centrald is in a HARD OFF state. This can happen if the rts2 system is stopped and restarted. Solution: change the state of each centrald using rts2-mon, pressing F9 to access the menu on the top of the screen and changing state to On.

Loss of tracking

Many underlying reasons can cause a mount to stop tracking, in some cases it can be fixed by simply reenabling it. Diagnostic: rts2-mon section corresponding to the mount (e.g. T0) variable TRACK = 0 Solution: Change variable to 4, observe that it is not changed back to 0.

Cannot connect to databse

An error of the type:

####-##-##T##:##:##.### UTC rts2-targetlist 1 AppDb::init Cannot connect to DB 'stars' : could not connect to database "stars" on line 453 (-402)

May occur either because the postgresql service needs to be restarted (sudo service postgresql restart) or because the user requesting access to the database is not part of the database yet and must be added (createuser user)

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