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  • Get the special version of meteo and compile, install and configure it as usual.
  • Start meteopoll with
             /sbin/startproc $METEO_POLL_BIN -l syslog:local0 -s ${station} \
                                       -f $METEO_CONFIG \
                                       -U YOUR_DESTINATION_HOST -P 5002\
                                       -b msgqueue > /dev/null 2>&1

    where YOUR_DESTINATION_HOST ist the host, where rts2-sensor-davis is running.


  • In the file usually found in /etc/rts2/devices add the line
     sensor  davis   MET    --max-peek-windspeed 5.0  --max-avg-windspeed 3.0 --udp-port 5002

    Configure the device name and the values appropriately.

Screen shot

The Davis meteo station as seen with rts2-mon.

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