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  • Update your RTS2 source tree to the latest revision (e.g. 6216).
  • Add to your rts2.ini the lines
  • If not existent create in the root directory / of your system the directory named /images.
  • Copy an example FITS file, preferably created with RTS2, to /images.
  • Connect to the postgres database and add a username, password to the table users, e.g.
  insert into users values ('USERNAME', 'SECRETPASSWORD', NULL, '', 1);

(Pre-)view the FITS images

The preview seen in the browser.


rts2-xmlrpcd maps a browser request, e.g. http://your.system.tld::8889/preview/ to the root directory / trying to display all but only files with the extension .fits. That implies that the directory structure of the system and all FITS images therein are exposed to public view.

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