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Before starting:

  • Back up /etc/rts2/ir.model
  • Make sure the script for target 4 is appropriate, at least two exposures to allow astrometry to complete before the next pointing.
  • Clear the existing model with 'rts2-opentpl-errors -I <ip> -N <port> –reset-model'

To create the new model:

  1. rts2-mon/EXEC:
    • Verify auto_loop and default_auto_loop are true
    • Execute command 'now 4'
  2. shell:
    • Track the number of points with 'rts2-opentpl-errors -I <ip> -N <port> –sample'
    • After $ENOUGH points, do 'rts2-opentpl-errors -c' to calculate (and load) the new model.
  3. rts2-mon/<tel>:
    • Execute command 'save_model' (to write new /etc/rts2/ir.model

Astelco suggest starting with a 7 point model. Martin Jelinek suggests finishing with 50 points.

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