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Required parts

You should have camera driver tested (with rts2-xfocusc). Then you need rts2-scriptor to execute scripts on device. Parameters you will most probably need to set are:

  • expand-path which describes path where images will be stored. Please consult rts2.ini man page for expansion string details.
  • script-gen which is location of script used to generate script. The following script can be used as en example:
case "$1" in
                echo "D 36"
                echo "E 1 E 1 E 1"
                echo "E 36"
                echo "sleep 30"


As can be seen, script gets as first parameter current system state. It prints on standard output script which should be used. By modifying this script, you can modify which exposures shall be taken. For RTS2 scrypt syntax (E, D, etc..), please consult rts2.script manual page. Important states are:

  1. evening
  2. dusk
  3. night
  4. dawn
  5. morning

Here is an example of /etc/rts2/services file used for all sky system:

scriptor        SCASM --expand-path /images/ASM1/%f --script-gen /etc/rts2/scriptor
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