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RTS2 is an integrated open source package for remote observatory control under Linux. Its goal is to create a complete observatory control system, starting from weather sensing, through device control to observation execution and scheduling. The system is meant to provide you with an autonomous, independent observatory, protected from the elements. It provides the means to execute complex observational scenarios, to ensure the pointing and focus are good, and to handle TOO reaction, logging, data sending and to generally simplify the problem of getting your science.


The latest release of RTS2, which will include scheduler and the new directory structure, dropped dark and flat frame support, and probably more can be SVN checked-out from or viewed via


Flash screencast showing how RTS2 system works on observatory:

And how to disable selector:


Device support

Observatories running RTS2



Expected code changes

  • currently none

Performed code changes



July 2011

  • added new drivers (AstroHaven, Pyxis autorotator)
  • work on data processing package ( script)
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